Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Chrismas Shoes

Type: Family/Drama
rating: 10/10
Favourite Character: Maggie Andrews, Robert Layton,
Nathan and Kate

I love this movie it is soooo touching it made me ball my eyes out boohoo 8'( i am such a cry baby lol!) But i love it. It's like Christmas magic, I just love the story it is so sooo soooo sad if something ever happened to my mom I would cry for the rest of my life boohoohoo lol

This story is about two waaaaay different family's! One family has a dad that's a workaholic and the others dad is the owner of a garage. (car repair)

This is a good movie it is about the true meaning of Christmas. Robert and Kate's marriage is on the rocks and Nathan's mom Maggie is a cheerful and happy woman until she got some news.

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Nicola said...

Oh boy, I haven't seen this movie but the song makes me cry my eyes out every single time!