Friday, 28 August 2009

Paradise Hawaiin Style, Elvis Presley

Type: Musical/Romance/Comedy
Rating: 10/10
Favourite Character: Uncle Rick and Jen

I loved this movie. When my mom told me we were going to watch an Elvis Presley movie I was gobsmacked but I gave it a go and liked it loads.

It's about a man named Richard, when he moved back to Hawaii and how him and his friend start up a business to take tourists all around the island and he goes around asking past girlfriends for business and saying I will scratch your back if you scratch mine.


Nicola said...

Oh I love elvis presley movies! I know I've seen them all but this one isn't coming to my mind. Too bad you can't find a trailer. Here's a clip you can put in your post though of the scratch my back song.

Darla said...

My daughters love Elvis songs, so it sounds like we should get watch this movie. It sounds like fun!

jessiegirl said...

ya well i love elvis to he is cute when he was younger one day while we wore waching it my mom said if i had a choise of elvis or my dad
she wold smoch elvis and then she
said who would you smoch i said not daddy so elvis well not even him i think it's gross

Nicola said...

Yeah, smooching is gross! What on earth is your mother thinking about?? But I would have to say I'd rather smooch Elvis than your dad too. {hee hee}

Darla D said...

Ha! That is funny, Jessiegirl! Your mom sounds like fun. :)

Kinnie said...

Hi i'm kinnie Darla D's daughter i think this would be a good movie