Friday, 9 October 2009



rating out of 10:8/10

fave characters:willy and Gooby


This movie was very loving happy and exiting. I loved it so much but the start was a little to slow. I think lots of people would enjoy it. I think a good age group would be 5-any age.

It is a lovely story about Willy and his old friend (a teddy bear) witch comes to life. You see Willy and his family are moving to a new house but Willy doesn't want to leave. Afraid of having no friends and in need of companionship he has no where to turn. Then when he gets there some one is taking all the cookies from the window sill that no one is looking at and they said that it was willy when it was guess who you guessed it Gooby now a full sized bear man thing.Well any ways Gooby and Willy start bonding and when Gooby is no longer needed Willy faces the hard task of letting him go but he knows it's right. Gooby is a moving story that says no matter what have Faith and hope no matter how hard. This movie is to help kids cope with the fear of moving.